HyperBatch: A Hyper-Fast Batchable Interface for Salesforce

Abstract The Apex Batchable interface is a tried and true workhorse in Salesforce. But it is slow. It can take some serious time to dequeue, you can only run 5 simultaneously, and it runs in a serial fashion.

See how we can use the Salesforce APIs, PK chunking, parallelism, and Queueables to rethink how a batch is architected. HyperBatch can take a traditional batch job that takes an hour to run, and run it in minutes. The solution is large data volume friendly. And the best part is, it still uses the familiar start(), execute(), and finish() methods so you can implement it on your existing Apex batch jobs!

New enhancements will be unveiled.

Main Track
Location: Salon Rio Date: March 11, 2017 Time: 3:20 pm - 3:55 pm Daniel Peter